Instant Integration

“To connect to, and bring to life every device so that computers work for people.”
– Resident Dreamer!

What if you can automate access to, monitor, control, configure, check status of:

cameras, traffic lights, motion sensors, processes, fire/safety equipment,
chemical sensors, alarms, panic buttons, pumps, valves, all devices that would otherwise be connected to a specific controller

through a sensor gateway, and from a dashboard on your smart phone anytime and anywhere. You do not have to log on, click or check in with your system – the system checks in with you, alerting before things go wrong and takes action on your behalf.

sensor node gateway
The GPAC System(TM) connects, integrates and automates the monitoring, control, status and alerting of multi-vendor sensors, devices, sub-systems. The GPAC System™ shows that IT can tackle society’s problems in more effective ways. Current systems rely on human monitoring, are stove piped solutions, don’t fully integrate with other sub-systems and sensors or allow easy data sharing – an engineering and integration pain!

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