Proven Solution: Eyes on the Street

The Client

The City of Belmont is a vibrant community located 6 kilometers from Perth CBD with a population of around 31,000. The City aims to provide an environment that is attractive, safe, healthy and prosperous by working closely with the local Police service and the Office of Crime Prevention to ensure a collaborative and coordinated approach to crime prevention. Part of this initiative includes operating a security patrol service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Eyes on the Street
Effective Results

The Coordinator of the City’s Crime Prevention and Ranger Services, believes the GPAC System™ has been a wise investment of City resources. “We were going to invest $1 Million in CCTV infrastructure; however now with the GPAC System™ we can achieve so much more because of the networking capability, less cabling and less engineering”. The City of Belmont’s installation of the GPAC System™ has resulted in better graffiti prevention and more successful prosecutions. Cameras can be set to record only upon sensing activity; “The GPAC System™ has removed the need for continual videoing or stake outs, meaning we can obtain data from areas previously not covered by CCTV and capture quality evidence.”

The Coordinator cites ease of connectivity and configuration as key new capacities offered by the GPAC System™. The system is easily extended to adapt to future changes; new cameras and devices can be added and configured within minutes using simple web browser software. The City now has the option to connect into other digital security cameras, add GPS duress alarms and head-cams and is currently looking to extend the GPAC System™ to cover fixed CCTV installations. The communications provided with the GPAC System™ will allow for integration between the fixed and mobile solutions.

Speaking in the Australian Newspaper recently, the Mayor recognised the advantages of systems ability to directly respond to events as they occurred, with no need for operators.

“When an event is triggered, (the software) will notify our Neighbourhood Watch security guards by SMS, email the last few minutes of footage to our security control room, while also allowing police and security to log directly into the triggered camera,” she said.

The GPAC System™ has provided the City of Belmont with a fast, reliable and cost effective solution to the problem of monitoring wide areas for criminal damage. The benefits are being felt by all who live and work in Belmont and now enjoy a cleaner, safer environment. Other local authorities are currently in discussions to discover how ETCorp can bring them the same benefits.

Want more detail on the solution: Eyes on the street Case Study PDF

why the GPACSystem(tm)

Why the GPACSystem™?

The GPACSystem™ is a unique software platform that allows remote monitoring and control of any fixed or mobile camera or device. Real time video and data can be securely accessed from a standard web browser either on a computer or mobile phone, from any chosen location. Data is automatically logged and an audit trail created on the GPACSystem™ database.

  • Easy to expand for other sensors and actuators
  • Totally flexible for incorporating new sensors into research activities
  • Automatically alerting and action response
  • Audit trail of sensor and video activity

Use of the GPACSystem™ greatly reduces the time wasted manually capturing research data and re-entering into a database. This ensures data integrity, protection of IP and frees up participants for thought leadership. Operators can access and modify setup and add/remote devices without specialized expertise.