Proven Solution: Drones Used in Emergency Response

The Client

Using the GPAC System™ located at the San Diego State University (SDSU) Visualization lab as the integration platform, Michael Hennig, SDSU Visualization Lab Manager and Research Associate, redistributed video streams from robotic and drones to various locations to demonstrate the simplicity and speed of the integration platform. This research highlights the capability of the GPAC System™ for real time disaster management by easily and efficiently relaying real time data and video to large and dispersed audiences. In an emergency situation such as a bush storm, immediate access to critical fire data, enables faster and more effective allocation of resources and could save lives.

Emergency ResponseEffective Results

Rapid decision making is supported as the technology consolidates available data from numerous sensor and camera networks, making it available for analysis and sharing via the Internet. Data can be quickly fed to local emergency services crew for evacuation and allocation of resources.

Increased situational awareness, early threat detection and quick response to disaster sites is an achievable outcome. Through these exercises the team at the SDSU Visualisation Lab have demonstrated that reliable visual communication dramatically improves integration and response time for first responders.


Want more detail on the solution: San Diego State UAV Case Study PDF

why the GPACSystem(tm)

Why the GPACSystem™?

The GPACSystem™ is a unique software platform that allows remote monitoring and control of any fixed or mobile camera or device. Real time video and data can be securely accessed from a standard web browser either on a computer or mobile phone, from any chosen location. Data is automatically logged and an audit trail created on the GPACSystem™ database.

  • Easy to expand for other sensors and actuators
  • Totally flexible for incorporating new sensors into research activities
  • Automatically alerting and action response
  • Audit trail of sensor and video activity

Use of the GPACSystem™ greatly reduces the time wasted manually capturing research data and re-entering into a database. This ensures data integrity, protection of IP and frees up participants for thought leadership. Operators can access and modify setup and add/remote devices without specialized expertise.