Proven Solution: Covert Surveillance

The Client

Established in 1981, Meridian Services is one of the largest and most reputable licensed investigation and security companies in Australia. Meridian Services deliver the highest quality covert surveillance, investigation and security services to a wide variety of clients including; Australia’s major insurers, solicitors and Government agencies.

covertsurveillanceEffective Results

In just a short period of time Meridian has reaped major benefits from the GPAC System™. Remote surveillance of a building site using the GFLAK™ and cameras hidden in an unmanned vehicle has captured video evidence of theft and vandalism. In collecting evidence for insurance claims, the system has allowed for covert automated operations and reduced the risk of operations being compromised.

“The GPAC System™ is an excellent tool for us, which saves time and money and gives better images and results. Remote access removes the risk of the surveillance personnel being compromised and being portable it can be moved between locations. It’s a very versatile product, we can add in new devices dependant on different scenarios”.

The GPAC System™ is more than video; Meridian is already looking at using the system with other devices such as seismic sensors buried in the ground to covertly detect movement. The GPAC System™ has provided Meridian Services with another strategy to use in undertaking covert surveillance and helped solve the problem of capturing high quality images in remote locations.

Want more detail on the solution: Covert Surveillance Case Study PDF

why the GPACSystem(tm)

Why the GPACSystem™?

The GPACSystem™ is a unique software platform that allows remote monitoring and control of any fixed or mobile camera or device. Real time video and data can be securely accessed from a standard web browser either on a computer or mobile phone, from any chosen location. Data is automatically logged and an audit trail created on the GPACSystem™ database.

  • Easy to expand for other sensors and actuators
  • Totally flexible for incorporating new sensors into research activities
  • Automatically alerting and action response
  • Audit trail of sensor and video activity

Use of the GPACSystem™ greatly reduces the time wasted manually capturing research data and re-entering into a database. This ensures data integrity, protection of IP and frees up participants for thought leadership. Operators can access and modify setup and add/remote devices without specialized expertise.