1. What exactly is the GPAC System™?

The GPAC System™ is a unique and innovative software platform used to integrate video and data sub-systems, providing secure access from a standard web browser on a computer or mobile device anywhere, anytime. The system facilitates the automation of interoperability of sub-systems, including security systems and surveillance and monitoring sensors. The software allows users to receive information with no geographical limitations – the devices can be remote or local and land, air or sea based.

The GPAC System™ is adaptable, scalable and flexible; existing devices and infrastructure can be incorporated and new ones added very easily.


2. Will my data be safe on a web-based system?

Yes. The video and data stored on the GPAC System™ is watermarked for anti-tampering and the extensive system forensics restrict access, information transfer, system activities and more.

Furthermore, the GPAC System™ adheres to the adage that true and proper use of technology is about making private information available (i) only to those who need to know, (ii) when they need to know, (iii) so they can perform their authorized tasks. Proper usage is NOT about arbitrarily gathering and selling peoples’ private information or providing system backdoors.

We ensure data capture and storage on your GPAC System™ server is completed securely using current security and anti-hacking technologies.


3. Will my organization require specific training to use GPAC System™?

We offer both basic and advanced training to ensure you get the most out of your GPAC System™ and maximize your investment. Customers with a current software support contract benefit from discounted rates on all training courses.

However, the browser based GPAC System™ software is quite intuitive:

  • Permits quick training of non-technical and non-English speaking users
  • GPAC System™ technical manuals are written using easy to read language

Should you require additional training or instruction, we are available to assist.


4. Can we see GPAC System™ in use?

Certainly. GPAC System™ is so flexible and adaptable. Demonstrations of the system in use are available viewing videos, or via demonstrations either by Internet conference or live demo system at your location.


5. Our detection requirements are very uncommon and utilize equipment designed for us. Will the GPAC System™ work for us?

It is most likely it will. GPAC System™ connects to nearly all analog, digital and image devices, integrating such devices and automating their interoperability, near instantly.  Contact our office and tell us what you have for a more precise answer.


6. Who is already using GPAC System™?

Not all of our clients want to publicize their GPAC System™ innovative and ground breaking solutions. However, here is a partial list of clients on our website. You can also read our case studies and view youtube video clips covering several GPAC System™ implementations in a variety of configurations and uses.


7. Do you supply cameras and monitoring equipment?

Yes. We are available to recommend, source, configure, and deploy your hardware (i.e., cameras, sensors, servers, etc.). In many cases, you will be able to leverage your existing equipment and networking infrastructure, easing project costs. Talk to us and discuss utilizing your legacy hardware. We have reduced projects costs by as much as 9Xs and accelerated implementation 6Xs by leveraging clients’ existing infrastructure and hardware.


8. Can I get technical support for the GPAC System™?

Yes, all GPAC System™ users benefit from unlimited access to our online support portal to download technical documents, browse technical resources, and get troubleshooting tips.

Access to premium on-going configuration support, business hour phone and on-site support, regular GPACSystem™ feature upgrades, and discounted training are available by annual subscription.


9. Where can I get technical information?

User manuals, design and installation guides and other technical documents can be downloaded from the online support portal. Our presentation documents, training and sample solutions videos have also been very helpful to our clients and partners.


10. Where, when and why to use the GPAC System™

1. Where using a hybrid solution to combine CCTV, fire and alarm systems, chemical and other detection devices, GPAC System™ adds enormous value by bringing technologies together and automating their operation.

2. Where a client is monitoring for abnormal behavior and change the environment, weather, water usage/quality, air quality, power usage, process equipment can be automated and alarmed or used to trigger other events.

3. Where the use of sensors and/or video can provide automated trigger alarm that is meaningful to the end user.

4. Where distance is an issue & requires traveling to gather data or check a state or human behavior.

5. Where integrating (mixing sensors, equipments, sub-systems, video) provides information and an operating picture that cannot easily be obtained with only one or the other.

6. Where the total operating picture can only be achieved and realized through integration of sub-system.

7. When you do not want to miss out on critical data (24/7/365 situational awareness) and disseminate data/information in real-time, provide for machine-to-machine communications to relay information to respective stakeholders.

8. When a common operating picture among staff at different locations and different agencies is desired.

9. When you need to have a common operating picture among different and diverse sub-systems.

10. When you want one dash board to check in with all your sub-systems.