GPoz Overview

The GPAC (General Purpose Automation Controller) System™ is a true Programmable Automation Controller (PAC) as described by ARC Web.

This blog brings you stories about the GPAC System™, documenting the multitude of uses and applications. Clients find the GPAC System™ to be the “swiss army knife”  for integrating diverse hardware, data collection and monitoring operations – it makes data and information from equipment, sensors, cameras – any device for that matter – available anywhere and anytime.

” ……. End users ask, “…. can we do this?” Yes, you can. “…. can we do that?” Hmmmm! We have not tried it before, but I do not see why not. Let’s give it a shot…. wow, it works ….. Cool! We never considered such a possibility or thought about using the GPAC System™ (GPoz) for this solution or that application. The GPoz ‘possibilities’ are endless; our imagination is the only limitation…”, resident dreamer and inventor of the  GPAC System™.

Users of the GPAC System™ benefit from simplicity and freedom of choices in hardware, solutions and applications!!

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