Critical Incident Response

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Critical Incident Response 1

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The GPAC System(TM) is one of the most complete and user friendly systems available for managing critical incidents. Critical incident response systems are generally only as good as the quality of data they provide to up-the-line decision makers. The GPAC System(TM) improves on this by making the best quality and filtered data available in real-time to parties who need to be in the know.

Incident data generated by arrays of sensors placed in critical locations is automatically accessible. The system uses multi-vendor commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) and non-COTS components (GOTS, MOTS), which makes for easy and rapid installation of legacy and most current available sensors. Sensors connect with the GPAC System(TM) over a network – no geographical limitation; data received is instantly categorized to determine the automated system response and up-line escalation. Sensor data and video activity is  logged, ensuring integrity and accuracy of incident recording, thus reducing duplication of effort. This has the added benefit of reducing the need for a dedicated incident recorder; the recorded log is available in real-time to all with access to the system, stored for later usage in trainings, further post incident evaluations and as forensics for possible successful prosecutions etc. Continue reading