Physical Intrusion Detection (PID) in a Box

three security camerasMost physical security solutions, as in building, infrastructure, home security solutions, send out alerts after a breach – window broken, would be perpetrator jumps the fence – after the intrusion has occurred. Physical Intrusion Detection solutions (pIDS) should be able to cater for and detect when would be perpetrators are “casing the joint”, or undertaking a dry run. Welcome to a new paradigm!

The right security or situational awareness system for a large physical site is not just one that provides efficient reliable perimeter security and continuous CCTV streaming and recordings, with personnel (mostly inattentively) watching a myriad of screens. Combination of sensors and cameras provides intrusion detection, suspicious/odd behavior alerts and initiation of escalation procedures in almost real-time. Such a system must also be scalable, and relatively easy to deploy, operate and maintain.

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