Open System Architecture


The GPAC System’s™ innovative approach to data automation cost effectively solves problems with capturing data from disparate sources found in control and automation. The approach leverages its ability to smartly connect to a wide variety of equipment, sensors and video surveillance systems: improving efficiency, enhancing safety and promoting security.

The GPAC System™ maximizes the value of an organization’s data through persistent, secure availability while minimizing time to deployment. From a single site to multiple sites, the GPAC System™ brings data and images together via an IP network and securely delivers it all in real time to a web browser on a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

The system is flexible, suitable for fixed or mobile deployments, and easily expanded to incorporate additional equipment, sensors, devices and cameras.

No system is more cost effective than the GPAC System™. Designed with “open standards” the GPAC System™ easily connects existing equipment, sensors and devices to its platform while providing broad choice when purchasing new. You can visit the GPAC System™ on YouTube


  • Common Operating Picture, Automated Situational Awareness
  • Data and video via the Internet on a laptop, PDA or cell phone
  • Open standards/vendor neutral operating platform
  • Secure logins & extensive data audit and forensics
  • Automatic data quality and compliance checks
  • SMS, MMS and email alerts for critical data alarms
  • Scalability, flexibility to quickly and easily expand the system


  • Facilities Management – real-time systems data availability
  • Energy and Water usage Assessment and Optimization
  • Environmental, Health  Monitoring and Community Safety
  • Utilities and Border remote facilities monitoring
  • Emergency and Hazmat Response
  • Covert Surveillance and scientific data gathering
  • Home/building automation and mobile monitoring